10 Reasons why you should wear a bow tie

1. It's different  

First and foremost, it's different. You won't look just like your neighbour or your father. A bow tie allows you to be an individual and continue to subscribe to the church of you. Because you're worth it. L'Oreal Paris.  

2. You're in good company   

Some notable bow tie enthusiasts... 

3. It's a conversation starter 

People will be encouraged to approach you and start conversion. If you regularly stumble over small talk and are inadequate at feigning interest in your friend's children, consider joining the bow tie community. That'll give you something to talk about 'til the cows come home.

4. You seem... friendlier  

Kind of a dick? Fear no more. A bow tie immediately breaks down your harsh exterior, at least until you ask your friend's girlfriend if she's pregnant (she is not). 

5. You can get away with things you can't while wearing a neck tie

"Oh that bow tie guy, look at him - running around with his pants off again! He's so funny!"


"That dude just slapped me in the face for no reason"
"Well, what did you do?"
"Nothing.... He - he was wearing a bow tie."

6. The patterns are radder

Sure you can get funky patterns for neck ties, but would you ever wear one? Wearing a rad pattern on a neck tie is tacky. On a bow tie, it's cool. And that's science.

7. Bow ties are cool

8. It's safe to assume you know things

Don't lie. You've looked admirably at a guy wearing a bow tie to a wedding and just thought, "yup, this guy's got it figured out." Caution, when you wear a bow tie people will assume you have at least an intermediate knowledge of the following:

  • Scotch
  • Cricket
  • The earth's gravitational pull on the moon
  • Baccarat

9. You can use the act of 'adjusting your bow tie' as punctuation after a sentence

Tell a good joke? Adjust your bow tie. Make an awkward comment? Adjust your bow tie. Compliment a lady? Adjust your bow tie. See what I'm saying...

10. Because you'll need to figure out how how to tie one

We thinking knowing how to tie a bow tie is just as important as knowing how to tie a neck tie.Still want to to know how to tie your bow tie? Check out our video here:

Mackenzie King
Mackenzie King